Friday, May 24, 2013

JHeadstart - Forms2ADF migration

This post will be showing how to install Jheadstart extension in jdev and how to use forms2adf generator tool which comes with Jheadstart to convert oracle forms to ADF Screens.

Below is the file consisting of Oracle forms ,Schema and Xml's converted from oracle forms which are used in this tutorial.

Tutorial Files Download

Install Oracle JHeadstart Using “Check for Updates”

Note: In order to install full version of Jheadstart having forms2adf generator tool, one must be connected to oracle intranet while performing following steps.
Oracle JHeadstart is an Oracle JDeveloper extension (or "plug-in") that you install using JDeveloper's "Check for Updates" functionality.

Run the "Check for Updates" wizard
With JDeveloper 11.1.2 running, choose Help | Check for Updates... from the main menu. Click (Next>)on the Welcome page of the Check for Updates dialog.

Select the Source for Extensions
Ensure that you have selected the Open Source and Partners Extensions update center, then click (Next >).