Monday, December 30, 2013

Creating and Debugging Jdeveloper 12c Extensions project

In this post we will be learning how we can create a Jdeveloper extension project and debug/run it.

This post consist of only how to create extension project in Jdeveloper 12c workspace and run it. We will be developing extensions in the following posts.

Ok so lets get started.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Reusable Task Flow for Dynamic Tables in ADF

In this post we will be seeing practical example of reusing task flow to display same tabular format of data using same table component for different View Objects.

So suppose there are two pages in the application Employee and Department and both show respective data in Table format. Instead we can create a task flow which can take the name of the ViewObject as a parameter and display data on the same table dynamically. There will be only one page in task flow and one table component in the page which display data of employee and department dynamically based on corresponding VO name as input parameter to the task flow. Isn't this wonderful. Further you can reuse the same taskflow anywhere in the application by just changing the input ViewObject name.

Lets get started.

Friday, December 6, 2013

BI Integration with Webcenter Portal - Privileges on BI Side

In this short post we will be seeing how to integrate BI Reports with WC. Though there is a very good guide for integrating these two, this post will describe a step which got missed and even after following all the steps BI connection was not working correctly.

Following is the link to the PDF which is very useful and practical solution for BI and WC integration.

So after creating a successful connection to BI server from Enterprise Manager, Still I was unable to see BI reports when trying to add through composer.