Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Custom Rules for ADF BC Java Files

There is a very good explanation of how to write custom rules using Jdev Extensions @ Write your own Audit Rule Extension in JDeveloper 12C by Richard Olrichs.

We will be discussing how we can write rules for ADF BC framework classes like EntityImpl and ViewObjectImpl.

The way how we identify that we are in current file for example, to know wether we are in Entity defination XML file we need below piece of code. This tells the Custom Analyzer that for all the files other than entity defination files, the Rules should be set false. This means that for all files other than entity files, rules for Entity Objects should be disabled i.e  Framework should not execute further drill down methods of the Analyzer which are exit(AuditContext, Drill Down Elements) in most of the cases.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Jdev Extensions & Custom Audit Rules

Introduction to Oracle Jdeveloper Extensions SDK. Setting up project and developing Custom Rules using Jdev Extensions.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Configuring Extensions.xml and Manifest.MF after creating extensions project

In my last post Creating and Debugging Jdeveloper 12c Extensions project, I explained how to download Extensions SDK and create a new Jdev Extensions project.
But that was not all to set and start creating jdev extensions.

After creating the project, there is very important step which has to be taken care of to start working with extensions.

So after we created the extensions project, it still does not have library dependencies for jdev audit extensions. If we check its classpath, it shows something like below :-