Friday, February 28, 2014

Application Module Connection Sharing - Code Example Proof

There is a excellent and very informative video on AM Connection Sharing by Chris Muir where he describes how Multiple Root application modules due to sharing of ADF Library jars can be made to use single connection under the covers by using powerful feature of transaction management in task flows. Thanks to Chris for explaining this wonderful concept. Here is the link to the video AM Connection Sharing .

In this post we will see this powerful concept with the help of code example. Below is the concept:

"If there are multiple root AM's may be due to shared libraries, if task flows are used with default No Controller Transaction option, then there will be as many number of connections to DB as number of Root AM's. On the other hand if task flows in the application uses any of the three Transaction Option, then there will be Only Single connection to the DB be there any number of Root AM's , i.e. connection will be shared."

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Af InputDate Default Message hint - Disable

When we click on the af:InputDate , As soon as we click inside it, there is a default note hint which comes besides the inputDate field. Below is how it does.

So this works good for some implementations but sometimes client wants to avoid this default behaviour.
We had a requirement where client dsnt wanted this default hint note to be displayed on clicking the Input Date field.