Friday, May 23, 2014

AutoSelect & Deselect Checkbox in ADF Tree Component

This post is about how to implement a use case having checkboxes in ADF Tree component. Below is the use case :

Use Case
There is an ADF Tree component using Departments as master and Employees as child. Departments acts as parent node and has all the child employees under it in the Tree. Departments as well as child employees should have checkbox. When user checks the checkbox of a department , all the checkboxes of the child employees should be autoselected. And when user deselects the department, they should be deselected.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Parent to Region Communication using Shared & Isolated DataControls

In this post we will look at how Parent and Region communications are done in ADF. We will take two cases in this post. One is when by default Task Flows are set to have Shared Data Control scope and the other one is when Task Flows are set to use Isolated Data Control Scope.

Below is the picture which depicts what we are targeting to achieve.